Just recently arrived from Mazlanez who no longer operates his international rugby result web site.

‘As you can see, I have give up my website (mazlenaz)...Nevertheless, I have some interesting info about 100 results that I have never published”.

These results below involve results for the South Pacific Games series, which started in 1963. Source Mark Aaron Cruickshank.


Results added to data base are in bold.


In the 1963 South Pacific Games

order of matches

1. Tonga 29-6 Western Samoa ?

2. Fiji 8-5 Tonga

3. 03/09 Tonga 16-5 Western Samoa

4. 05/09 Fiji 42-3 Western Samoa

5. 06/09 Tonga 29-6 Western Samoa

6. 07/09 Fiji 25-9 Tonga


In the 1979 Games,

Fiji 84-8 Wallis & Futuna was on same day as Papua New Guinea 23-5 Solomon



In the 1991 games, in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

I managed to get a few results only:


Pool A

Papua New Guinea 9-7 American Samoa

Solomon Islands beat French Polynesia

American Samoa beat Solomon Islands

Papua New Guinea beat French Polynesia

Solomon Islands beat Papua New Guinea

American Samoa beat French Polynesia


American Samoa and Solomon Islands qualify for semi-finals


Pool B

no results known


Western Samoa and 2nd Place Pool B qualify for semi-finals



Western Samoa beat Solomon Islands

American Samoa beat 2nd Place Pool B



Western Samoa 34-7 American Samoa


3rd Place Match

Solomon Islands beat 2nd Place Pool B



MAil 14

A friend in Fiji gave me these results from the Fijian newspapers of 1983:


1983 South Pacific Games

Western Samoa 55-0 American Samoa

Tonga 45-3 Cook Islands

Solomon Islands 129-12 Niue (I notice this is listed as 19:12 on your website,

so I am not sure which one is correct)


I am sticking with 19-12 as 129-12 to Solomon’s would be most unlikely.