COMPETITION: FIRA-AER Division 3, Pool A
  VENUE: Marsa DATE: 17 April 2004 SPECTATORS:
  REFEREE: Jean-Michel Schutz (France)
HALFTIME: 5-11  
  TRIES: Cuschieri
TRIES: Milivojevic, penalty
  PENALTY GOALS: Spiteri (5) PENALTY GOALS: Matejic + 1
15 Jamie Caruana  Truro RFC, England 15 Nenad Matejic  KBRK Belgrade 
14 Nick Portelli Warren 14 Aleksandar Stefanovic (21) RC Partizan Belgrade 
13 Mark Cuschieri (22) 13 Marko Milosavljevic  RC Partizan Belgrade 
12 Adam Magro 12 Marko Prijic RC Partizan Belgrade 
11 Luke McFadyen (19) 11 Miljan Milivojevic  KBRK Belgrade 
10 Rohan Spiteri 10 Milan Rastovac  RC Partizan Belgrade 
9 John Dimond 9 Kristijan Zagar (20) RC Partizan Belgrade 
8 Steve Kempster 8 Aleksandar Jakisic   RC Partizan Belgrade
7 David Grima 7 Dragan Grujic (19) RC Partizan Belgrade 
6 Steve Haycock 6 Jerko Labus  RC Partizan Belgrade 
5 David Gasan 5 Danilo Bulatovic (18) RC Krusevac 
4 Christoffel Diamantino (Capt.)  4 Aleksandar Mihajlovic  RC Krusevac 
3 Steve Worthington (17) 3 Luka Marin (16) RC Vojvodina Novi Sad 
2 Tom Webb 2 Bojan Lukic (17) RC Krusevac 
1 Ian Borda 1 Branislav Acimovic RC Partizan Belgrade 
16 Darren Mascena 16 Nenad Grbic (3) RC Vojvodina Novi Sad 
17 Harry Collins (3) 17 Dejan Karatrajkovski (2) KBRK Belgrade 
18 David Borg 18 Sasa Djukic (5) RC Partizan Belgrade 
19 Chris Vassallo (11) 19 D.Bogicevic (7)  
20 Pierre Azzopardi 20 Vladimir Dumic (9) RC Partizan Belgrade 
21 Malcolm Attard 21 B.Obradovic (14)  
22 Oliver Sacco (13) 22 ?  
  COACH: Graham Richards COACH: Dragan Radlovic
Sources: Malta team final line up thanks to Bryan Corlett, Malta RFU Press Officer via Jeremy at Jamie Caruana club affiliation thanks to 'Bill', forum at Malta point scorers thanks to 'Klitch' from Thanks to for final line up both teams.

"There is a saying in Rugby that a really good side can play badly and still win. To a certain extent this applied to the Malta side against a very determined Serb side which tackled relentlessly, but at the end of the day Malta deserved their close win." From

Adam Magro previously represented Australia on a tour to Argentina and Scotland without playing a test. Caruana and Spiteri were new to international rugby. Malta has now won its last 7 international matches in a row.