COMPETITION: European Nations Cup; Division 1                                                               Updated 20.01.2008
  VENUE: National Stadium, Lisbon DATE: 1 December 2007 SPECTATORS: 10,000
  REFEREE: Timothy Hayes (Wales) HALFTIME: 6-3  
  TRIES: Poparlan, Dascalu TRIES: Foro
  PENALTY GOALS: Dumbrava (2), Vlaicu  PENALTY GOALS:
15 Florin Vlaicu  Steaua Bucuresti 15 Pedro Leal  GD Direito
14 Gheorghita Bagiu  Dinamo Bucuresti 14 António Aguilar GD Direito
13 Csaba Gal  Universistat Cluj 13 Frederico Sousa  GD Direito
12 Daniel Vlad (22) Steaua Bucuresti 12 Francisco Mira  AEIS Agronomia
11 Stefan Ciuntu Universistat Cluj 11 Goncalo Foro  CD University Lisboa
10 Danut Dumbrava (21) Steaua Bucuresti 10 Gonçalo Malheiro (21) CD University Porto
9 Ciprian Caplescu  Dinamo Bucuresti 9 Luís Pissarra (20) AEIS Agronomia
8 Costica Mersoiu (Capt.) Dinamo Bucuresti 8 Tiago Girão  CRC Madrid, Spain
7 Mihai Macovei  Baia Mare 7 Vasco Uva (Capt.) GD Direito
6 Vasile Rus (19) Steaua Bucuresti 6 Diogo Coutinho  GD Direito
5 Valentin Poparlan  Dinamo Bucuresti 5 Gonçalo Uva (19) Montpellier, France
4 Alin Coste (18) Narbonne, France 4 Eduardo Acosta GD Direito
3 Radu Basalau  Steaua Bucuresti 3 Cristian Spachuck  Blagnac, France
2 Marcel Mihalache (16) Steaua Bucuresti 2 João Correia  GD Direito
1 Nicolae Nere (17) Steaua Bucuresti 1 Juan Murre (17) OS Belenenses
16 Bogdan Zebega (2) Steaua Bucuresti 16 Rodrigo Aguiar  AEIS Agronomia
17 Flavius Dobre (1) Dinamo Bucuresti 17 Duarte Figueiredo (1) CD University Lisboa
18 Cosmin Ratiu (4) Dinamo Bucuresti 18 Paulo Duarte  
19 Stelian Burcea (6) Dinamo Bucuresti 19 António Sarmento (5) CD University Porto
20 Iuvian Andrei 20 José Pinto (9) CRC Madrid, Spain
21 Ionut Dimofte (10) Steaua Bucuresti 21 Pedro Cabral (10) CD University Lisboa
22 Catalin Dascalu (12) Steaua Bucuresti 22 Diogo Gama (12) CRC Madrid, Spain
  COACH: Marin Mot  COACH: Tomaz Moraiz
Portugal's first outing since the 2007 Rugby World Cup was a disappointing loss at home. Romania, again without the bulk of their French-based contingent, were able to turn defeat against Russia earlier in November, to a win away against Portugal.

Bagiu, Coste, Basalau and Mihalache were making their test debut for Romania. At 36 years of age, Mihalache is one of the oldest debutants in world test rugby. Poparlan's try was his first for Romania. Dobre had last played for Romania in November 2004 against Wales.
Sarmento last played for Portugal in June 2004, v Barbarians RFC. Acosta last played for Portugal v Uruguay June 2006.
Yellow Cards: Csaba Gal (Romania) 39m; Flavius Dobre (Romania) 77m.

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